About Us

Fämily Foods co-creates food products with real feedback from our growing community of 2,100,000

Some of life’s greatest moments are spent around kitchen tables, sharing a meal with the ones we love. Fämily Foods was created with the feeling of family both in mind and at heart, knowing that the concept of family extends far beyond the people we share our actual homes with. Family is knowing we are all connected - and making sure we are all included. It’s full bellies, and full hearts. It’s trusting that the food we eat has a positive impact on the families we connect with along the way; from farm all the way to our kitchen tables. It’s living in alignment with the planet. It's coming home.


At Fämily Foods we make delicious, easy-to-make, sustainable, highly nutritious plant-based foods for the whole family with the help of YOU. Fämily Foods creates the food you ask for by joining the conversation on @yoga_girl and @eatfamilyfoods. More Fämily Foods will be heading your way, so start co-creating the next launch by hitting ‘Follow’. Every vote and request you ping over will help to shape the pantry of your dreams.


Fämily Foods produces plant-based and nutritious products, free of sugar and natural flavors with organic, sustainable  ingredients. Grab a plate and gather your loved ones! Welcome to the family.

From my family to yours,