The Pay if forward initiative

The pay it forward initiative

Fämily Foods donates 15% of sales to those in need. You decide if that's you, or if you can pay it forward.

Healthy eating should be available to more people. In our efforts to help bridge the gap, Fämily Foods gives 15% of sales to the ones who need it.

Please use the code FORWARD15 to get a 15% discount - or - if you are in a position to pay it forward, simply shop without using the code, and Fämily Foods will donate 15% of your total order to families in need via our partnership with Give Directly.

Give Directly is an organization helping those living in extreme poverty or affected by disasters by providing direct cash transfers. They have raised ~400M for the vulnerable in our society and we are proud to partner with them.

More specifically, Fämily Foods “Pay It Forward” donations go directly to Give Directly’s Covid19 US program. As the global economic fallout from COVID-19 worsens, the response needs to be swift, effective, and minimize person-to-person interaction. Digital cash is all of these. Over the last decade, GiveDirectly has built the operational pipes to deliver cash at scale. By paying your discount forward, you are directly helping Covid related efforts here in the US. Listen to some of the families that have received help from Give Directly and what impact your contribution means to them.

For Fämily Foods, one of our guiding principles is knowing that we are all connected - and making sure we are all included. It’s full bellies, and full hearts. It’s living in alignment with the planet. It's coming home. With your donations to Give Directly, we are able to immediately provide help for other families in need.